Glucose and the Magic Number of 100

Quick medical lesson: Glucose is an essential fuel for body metabolism.  Carbohydrates break down into simple sugars with most converted to Glucose.  The liver also produces Glucose from sources such as lactic acid, other sugars and proteins.

If you get a standard blood test, glucose is one of the first factors reviewed. Most labs have a normal range of 70-115 mg/dl. Optimal range is 80-100 mg/dl.  Ideal is 100 mg/dl. Many factors, food and specifically types of food,  being at the top of the list, will influence blood sugar levels.

Here is where you want to takes notes. . . .  THE key is to keep the glucose levels around that “magical” number of 100. When it spikes, the body has a tendency to store fat. That is why eating a doughnut “goes right to the gut” so to speak  – high glucose = fat storage.  Nuts on the other hand, do not.

There are a couple of very important factors that you can do, to make this work in your favor:

  1. Increase the healthy fat content in a meal. Add some nuts, olive or macadamia nut oil, avocado etc.
  2. Eat a bit of healthy fats first thing in the morning. Throw some nuts in with the protein shake.
  3. Reduce “junk” carbs. You know the kind – chips, cookies, cakes. You don’t have to eliminate them totally. Once a week is a nice compromise.
  4. Reduce the amount of fruit and fruit juice. It may be healthier in one respect than junk carbs but if fat loss is your goal, fruits and fruit juice are not your friend.
  5. Add cinnamon to meals. This tasty herb is wonderful for stabilizing blood sugars.

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Limit your blood sugar spikes to twice a day. That is the number of times the pancreas is designed to release insulin also. So forget the 5-6 meals per day and pass on the chips and vodka.

Does it work?  I used this with many patients over the years and a 12-15 pound fat loss per month was commonplace. Please note the words “fat loss,” not just weight (water) loss.

Stick to the magic number of 100. Your body will love your for it.