I Thought Cholesterol Was the Problem

Take a peak at the Molecular Biology of the Cell medical textbook and you will find that cholesterol is “necessary for the structural integrity of the lipid bilayer, the structure in each of our 100 trillion cell membranes.”

Cholesterol modulates the fluidity of the membranes. By inserting itself between the fatty acid chains, cholesterol prevents the crystallization at temperatures between melting point and blocks large motions of the fatty acid chains at temperatures above melting point. This modulating effect of the cholesterol maintains the fluidity of the membranes in the range required for biological function and health.

But I thought it was the cholesterol that was supposed to be terrible for you??!!

No. It is the processed, adulterated oils found in the cooking oil section of most supermarkets that cause the majority of the cholesterol problems. The cholesterol is the transporter of said poisons. . . the defective oils.

Switch oils to something healthy such as cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and what your levels of health soar!

Dr. David Orman


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