Teeth, Gums and Degenerative Disease Connection?

If I said to you that not taking care of your teeth leads to tooth decay and/or periodontal disease, it would hardly come as a surprise. And it is true.

So is this. . . . Poor oral hygiene dramatically increases the risk of chronic, inflammation-driven diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Here are the details:

Bacteria in the mouth not only contribute to inflammation locally, but some have been found to be directly present in the atherosclerotic plaque. Therefore, then you improve oral health, you can lower cardiovascular risk.

Probiotics also help. Acidophilis and similar substances block disease-causing bacteria and have been shown to help protect against gum disease and its body wide consequences. These probiotics down regulate system wide inflammation through powerful mechanisms now being clear to scientists.

So, taking care of your “choppers” will be a full body treatment as well.