Too Much Pink Already

Yesterday did it for me. I went to downtown Disney to see the dragon boat races and once again. . . much like at the supermarket the other day, the bookstore, downtown, the W. Orange Trail and a number of other places. . . I was inundated with pink.  The purpose of course is to bring awareness to the issue of breast cancer.


I know of no one who is not aware of this problem, or the hundreds of other ones caused by horrible diseases. Awareness is NOT the problem. Treatment is. Commitment to prevention is. Billions of dollars are being raised for “awareness”, some by rather dubious means (remember the pink buckets of Kentucky FRIED Chicken?) yet many answers are already available.

I have no doubt there are many who are extremely well meaning. Their heart is in the right place and their passion is admirable. At some point, we need to pull back and take a rational look at the end result of all this effort and ask ourselves if we are going about it in an effective way.

Organization like Susan B. Komen are raking in billions, providing over $1 billion in grants to various organizations. Not all have to do with breast cancer. For example, they aligned themselves with controversial groups such as Planned Parenthood. What does this have to do with finding a cure for breast cancer? Could you imagine say a Leukemia organization aligning themselves with a Pro-Life group? The media would have destroyed them by now, yet Komen gets a pass on this one. Why?

The government has now jumped on the bandwagon and is proposing a punitive tax on the renting of investment homes and the sale of homes in general, as a way of generating more money to this cause.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)

The problems that this creates are significant. At some point, much like other causes, pink will mean nothing. Remember the red ribbon relating to AIDS? The rainbow of colors and groups and causes are so many that they literally mean next to nothing now, years later after their “birth” so to speak. In a year or 2, pink will eventually end up along side the other colors, rubber bands and ribbons. People cannot tolerate being overwhelmed, inundated or even bullied. They simply go “numb” on such issues, ignoring the reality of them, due to constant bombardment or in the case of the taxing of housing – bullying.

The worst part of all of this is that there are thousands of individuals who are being caught in the cross fire; that is, they need treatment but do not have access to it.  The “breast cancer” organization look at this and reply, “See, this is why we need more money!” yet they do not provide an accounting of where all of the billions of dollars that already have been raised, have gone. Follow the money and it leads to more questions than answers and unfortunately, not a lot of help.

As mentioned, awareness is not the issue. Treatment is. What has the billions of dollars given us in terms of treatments? We are told that “they are getting closer and closer each day” but so far, the grand total is zero. Standard care has provided a total of zero proven, effective treatments.

What about prevention? According to Natural News, “many professors, scientists and health professionals now say that such programs and recommendations have not only failed to achieve positive results, but have actually put more women in harm’s way.

“I don’t think people understand the lack of progress (achieved by breast cancer awareness programs),” Fran Visco, president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, is quoted as saying in a recent Los Angeles Times article. Visco referenced statistics showing that deaths from breast cancer have dropped maybe two percent since they started in 1990, which is likely a statistically insignificant figure.

Dr. H. Gilbert Welch from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice explained that breast cancer awareness campaigns have failed to keep up with developments in breast cancer research, including new research showing that most of the cancers identified with mammography are not even malignant. And as a result of continued screening, millions of women end up being treated with expensive, potentially life-threatening treatments for cancers that will never harm them.

A recent paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine estimates that for every one woman helped by a mammogram, up to 15 others are misdiagnosed and mistreated. But because of breast cancer awareness campaigns that continue to scare women and push them towards outmoded, unscientific methods of approaching the disease, many women are willing to participate in conventional screening and treatment programs anyway, even if such programs ultimately cause them needless harm and possible death.”

If screening is probably not the best way, what is? The answer is accurate, direct and not very sexy, nor does it have much fund raising clout — life style changes. Exercise, elimination of smoking, ingesting of cruciferous vegetables, maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D, reducing weight (obesity) and reduction of toxins are great places to start.

Kind of hard to raise money to “bring awareness” of avoiding McDonalds and donuts and getting to the gym more often.

As mentioned, I am 100% sure that many of the supporters of “breast cancer causes” are well meaning and very passionate. Channel this into known prevention avenues and then, pink will mean something special.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Pink Already

  1. I totally agree! You should put this on facebook and everywhere else. It is about time someone stood up to this!

  2. I could not agree more that prevention is the way to go, prevention is the best and likely only true cure. I admire your committment.

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