Hair Loss and What Can Be Done About It

Premature Hair Loss is said to affect over 50% of adult males and a growing percentage of females.  It is now widely accepted that the main culprit in the hair loss of 95% is DHT. Therefore the principal aspect of the strategy to stop hair loss is to block dht.

DHT blocking can be dealt with in the following fashion:

  • Keeping this hormone from attaching to the receptors in the hair follicles themselves.
  • Lowering the volume and the production
  • Inhibiting the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This is the substance that converts the hormone testosterone into  DHT. This is typically done by reducing cholesterol, the substance most responsible for its production.

That is the strategy. How is this accomplished?

There are a number of natural, safe substances that can have a significant impact on DHT and its related substances (mentioned above). They are:

  • Starting at the top of this list is the mineral Zinc. Zinc will assist the body in reducing the levels of DHT. In addition, it is considered the “food” of the prostate and THE best mineral to elevate the immune system. Zinc is a tricky mineral however. It does not interact well with other substances and thus, should be taken by itself.
  • The herb Nettles is also exceptional for this issue. Nettles is one of my favorite herbs. I have used this herb a great deal with patients and personally and have consistently found it powerful. In addition to reducing DHT, it is an excellent part of a post-training (particularly very physically training such as marathons) recovery program.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil. This oil inhibits DHT formation through its on the aforementioned5-alpha-reductase activity. This is particularly effective for age related hair loss.  If you cannot find this substance Enu Oil is the next best.
  • Green Tea or Green Tea extract. In addition to its strong anti oxidant effects, Green tea reduces cholesterol and helps with new hair growth.
  • Hgh Plus. In addition to elevating HGH levels which is essential for hair (re-)growth, Hgh Plus contains the amino acid L-Lysine which makes all of the above DHT-reducers more effective.

There are other substances not mentioned but these are the primary ones. Look to find a practitioner to address your specific needs and adjust the above to your chemistry.

Then, buy some new combs and/or brushes. You will need them.


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