FB, Compartments and Taking Down the Walls

This one is personal but health, healing and finding better ways of living come from many sources. . . . .

Like a mouse with cheese, sometimes I involve myself in discussions or debates that are not compatible with my energy. Certain topics are low energy topics and every time — not once in a while or 99.9% of the time — every time I become involved, albeit even briefly, nothing good follows.

I do not watch the news, nor read the newspaper or listen to news radio in any form. There was a particular newscaster on MSNBC who used to irritate me to no end. Yes, I know . . . I allowed it, hence the mouse-cheese reference above.

A posting was made on Facebook showing a clip of him and unfortunately, I commented and did so not in a favorable way. Another person whom I do not know, proceeded to attack me for my comments, proving that “instant karma” is in fact, real. After a period of time, I choose to delete my entries but had a difficult time letting it go. I was left with negative feelings, all self-created of course.

24 hours later, I cannot express how grateful I am for this learning experience. It is true – what a different a day makes!

I used to compartmentalized my life; that is, I would be Dr. Orman over here, Systema teacher in this quadrant, husband in that section, marathoner in another, student in yet another separate one etc. Ne’re the sections shall meet.

Having worked in the field of natural medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, kinesiology, radionics, Bach remedies, NLP, brain physioogy and about a dozen others), I feel confident I can speak with authority about the world of energetics and energy itself. Speaking is one thing. Applying is another.

My approach most of the time was clear — focus on the positive in the “major areas” of my life. I did not always apply this to what I perceived as “minor” or “unimportant.” You know – the little things like letting someone cut in front of my while driving or complaining about the $4 cup of coffee at Starbucks or the long lines at Disney. These did not “count” or so I rationalized.

The analogy was this — be mindful of the one gallon of water over here and who cares about the tiny caps with a drop or 2 over there. Yesterday, I realized how many drops were being neglected and more so, every drop counts.

I made the conscious decision to take down the walls, to remove the compartments and experience life as a whole being. I live life knowing that everything, regardless of size or perceived value matters, be it a clip on Facebook or a patient who is extremely ill. Granted the latter requires so much more attention and energy. The former may not need the volume of energy but it certainly needs awareness, kindness and loving energy.

In fact, everything and everyone does.

That is what happens when the walls come down.