New Doc Wellness Podcast Available!

The latest “Doc Wellness Podcast” is now available at:

The latest topic is Hair Analysis, also known as Trace Mineral Analysis.

It is a simple, yet remarkably powerful diagnostic tool. Simple snip a little hair and we sent it to our lab. In about 2 weeks, results are sent back and I go over this in depth, dictating my analysis.

The details that Hair Analysis provides are significant – from electrolyte levels to unhealthy metals which may be in your system. Once identified, I will design a personalized program for you needs.

There is so much more so be sure to listen to this Podcast. . . and then go to our main site at and order yours today!

It will change your health for the better!

Dr. David Orman

PS. I would like to thank everyone for making the Doc Wellness Podcast one of THE fastest growing health podcasts in the country! We are now on iTunes where it can be downloaded free, as well as from our main site (