The Liver

Today’s area of focus is a continuation of the topic of the liver.
Quick review of the functions of the liver:
1. Storage of blood.
2. Liver ensures the smooth flow of energy throughout the body.
3. Directly affects the tendons, affecting our capacity for movement and physical activity.
4. Liver is said to “manifest in the nails.”
5. The eyes are the sense organ connected to the liver.
If one is experiencing any of the above, there are a number of highly successful treatments that are readily available.
Let us start with foods. The flavor associated with creating ideal health in the liver is sour. Any sour flavor such as lemon is specific to improving the function of the liver. The color of the liver is green and any of the green, leafy vegetables are ideal foods for the liver. Examples such as kale, collard greens, mustard green, lettuce as well as green beans and peas are “liver foods.”
In terms of nutrition, there are 3 highly recommended substances:
#1. Livaplex. This is a combination of herbs and other nutrition that improves the functioning of the liver by improving detoxification. The liver typically processes some 300+ toxic elements and if congestion occurs, disease will be present. Livaplex helps prevent this. This can be found in our eStore.
#2. Milk Thistle. This is an alternative to Livaplex. Though not as complete as Livaplex, it is an outstanding herb for the liver.
#3. Bupleurum. This is for the “emotional liver.” As mentioned before, anger, frustration and depression are the emotions associated with theliver. Bupleurum is THE herb to assist a person in dealing with these emotions. This herb helps improve the circulation of energy in the liver and liver pathway (called a meridian). It is the most powerful “emotional” herb in the entire materia medica.

The liver is probably the most over-worked organ in today’s world, given the levels of toxins in our environment and poor quality and poor choices of food many people continually consume. If you really want to start a solid program of getting your liver and your overall health improved, sign up for the Doctor’s Visit on CD now. CLICK HERE and begin your route to optimal health.

Your liver. . .and your body will love you for it!