Letting Go and the Lessons of the Sand Hill Crane

Today was the day Mom and Dad Sand Hill Crane decided to let Jr. on his (or her) own. Today was the first day of his adult life.

Sand Hill cranes are absolutely beautiful creatures. They stand some 4 feet tall and as the picture above shows, have dramatic features such as a long beak and a striking red head. Aside from their magnificence, they are also a wonderful teaching metaphor for life.

Like every parents knows (or at least should know), there comes a time in their children’s lives when it is time to let go. Time to let the child become the man or the woman they decide to create. It is undoubtedly one of the mixed bags of parenthood. On the one hand, there is an emptiness, a space that now exists, yearning to be filled. On the other hand, this is the moment of greatest joy and pride. And so the circle of life continues.

Today, LC (I decided to name him “LC” after the explorers Lewis and Clark as he seems to thoroughly enjoy frolicking all over the neighborhood)  meanders about the canal, looking for food. He is neither crying nor complaining how someone should be doing this for him. He knows where water is and is more than capable of defending himself, as evidenced by his fending off an Ibis. Somewhere are 2 parents, maybe a little lonely, but undoubtedly as proud as Sand Hill cranes can be. They passed along the  2 most important skills — they taught and then they let go. LC in turned, learned well and now begins a new life.

Letting go is such a powerful concept. It not only refers to the above trio but also to the individual. LC had the courage to let go of being a baby crane and find his adulthood. LC’s parents had the foresight to let go of being instructors and became teachers.

How many opportunities do we have to let go. How many of us pounce on these opportunities the way LC pounces on a pile of sunflower seeds.

Each day we see someone who is a little different from us and have the chance to let go of our biases and prejudices.

Each day we see someone who could use our help and have the opportunity to let go our laziness and other characteristics that make us less than what we could be.

Each day we see a venture we could take that would thrust us outside our mundane world and into one of excitement and growth.

Each day we can think the same 60,000 thoughts as yesterday or introduce deeper love, compassion, kindness and variety into our consciousness just by letting go of the former.

All we have to do is let go of who we think we are and begin to experience the newness of what we can become.

All we have to do is let go and take the first steps into the world of possibility. . . just like LC.

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