Broccoli and Breast Cancer Stem Cell Connection

In research done at the U. of Michigan, sulforaphane – a substance found in broccoli and broccoli sprouts – was found to target cancer stem cells. The cancer stem cells, the ones not destroyed by chemotherapy or other treatments, are believed to be involved in the ability of the breast cancer to recur, grow and spread.

Dr. Duxin Sun and colleagues studies sulforaphane for its prior effects on cancers and the great potential benefits it has it inhibiting breast cancer stem cells.

It should also be noted that normal, healthy cells were not adversely affected to any degree.

Cancer cells that were derived from animals that received sulforaphone were tested (implanted) into mice failed to form tumors. This is a most promising compound, one which you can anticipate hearing about in the future.

Doc Wellness Note: This is a most promising study. It should be noted however, that the amount of sulforaphone that was used was far greater than would be consumed (in the brocolli) in the course of a normal meal. Nonetheless, benefits will be received from consumption of this extremely healthy vegetable.