Strengthening the Heart

The list of natural substances that provide support and strength the heart is extensive. Some you know like CoQ10 and Hawthorne. Others you probably do not such as Os Draconis and Biotae Orientalis. There are new products coming forth every day. Many people are simply overwhelmed with such information.

There is a principle in natural medicine that the simplest is the best; that is, start with  basic and progress to complex only if need be. It is a principle I have employed with thousands of patients I have seen over the years and I can attest to the fact that it works.

Where I start is not with a substance but rather with Gratitude. It is one of the most healing emotions, particularly for the heart. Yes, you may know this but the questions is “Are you doing it?”

Gratitude is an endless process. The list of things to be grateful for and people to be grateful to expands in direct proportion to awareness. As awareness expands, gratitude comes along for the ride. As gratitude expands, abundance follows and so the cycle continues.

The most common error is reversing the order. “I will be grateful when XYZ arrives.” This  sequence does not work and in fact, weakens the heart as well.

Be grateful for anything and everything, then watch the river of abundance flow your way.

I am very grateful for all of the people in my life that push the boundaries, from my dear friends Carlos and Jane to my wife, Lisa. They identify the limits and proceed to find ways to surpass this, leading all the way with their heart.  The road is not always smooth by any means. For some, that is a stopping place. For my friends and my wife, that is a moment to pause, adjust course and keep on moving. It is an opportunity to practice gratitude and an opportunity to strengthen the heart, making it powerful and brimming with determination.

When they reach the end, there is a realize that this is only another beginning.

And another opportunity to strengthen their heart.