87.5% of Athletes Use Supplements


That is the percentage of all athletes who use supplements on a regular basis. This information comes from a survey published in the March 2010 issue of the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

The overwhelming number shows that supplementation is an extremely popular and more so, essential part of the overall nutritional regimen among those who participate in sports, events or train in general.

The most popular ones include Glutamine, Fish Oils and Vitamin C.

I read this and was not at all surprised. The food sources today are often questionable nutrition wise and the soil is devoid of vital substances such as trace minerals. For athletes and those participating in events, these are essential. For those in the sun belt portion of the country, these are VITAL.

Two questions arose:

1. What about the other 12.5%? What is stopping them from achieving their maximum?

2. Is the 87.5% group getting the RIGHT type(s) of supplements?

There is a way — an accurate, convenient, safe and powerful way — to address both issues. It is called the “Doctor’s Visit on CD.”

Firstly, it is simple to do. You will be emailed a questionnaire. Take some time to fill this out and sent it back. That’s all!

Secondly, I will review this information in detail. After being in the field of Natural Medicine for over 20 years and seeing literally, thousands of patients from all walks of life, I am very confident that the information and experience I have gathered will be extremely helpful to you.

Once I have analyzed the information, I will dictate my finding onto a CD or MP3 file. There are some great advantages to this. You can listen at your own pace, on your own time. More so, you can listen as often as you like. I cannot tell you how many times patients would leave my office and forget so much of what I said (even though I wrote down the highlights and reminder cues). It is human nature to do so. Now it becomes a non-issue and you receive the benefits of ALL of the information.

Thirdly, you have questions a week later? A month later? How about a year later? No problem! Email me and I will address every one in detail. We offer a FULL YEAR FOLLOW UP!

As an athlete, I have witness people eating the wrong foods, not enough or too much food, taking poor, sometimes harmful supplements or simply not knowing what to do. The end result has been injury, sickness, poor performance, frail looking physiques and lack of energy to name a few. Now you have a simple and powerful way to address your concerns now.

You know the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for most. You need individual care and personal attention. Now you have it with the Doctor’s Visit on CD.

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Your health is worth it!