Yngwei Malmsteen

My wife Lisa and I are the classic examples of opposites attracting. Take for example our tastes in music.

She prefers the poetic soft sounds of John Denver or the brilliantly creative cellist Yo-Yo Ma. They guide her gently to clouds of inspiration and creativity.

Yours truly is slightly different. Though I am a fairly quiet person, I like it loud – Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden loud. Give me the finger bleeding guitar riffs of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck or Jeff Healey any day of the week. Different as midnight and sun soaked noon time.

Or are we?

Since Lisa has taken up the guitar, her world has expanded. . . or more like crept into mine. The other day, she showed me an article on Yngwei Malmsteen. Yngwei (pronouced “Ing-vay”) is a guitar virtuoso whose playing can only be described as lightning fast and heavy. Take a New Yorker, give them 4 espressos and they could not talk as quickly as Yngwei can play.

What struck me about the article was not so much the guitar information (I neither know how to play, nor have any interest in playing), rather his approach to life.

Though much more evolved as an artist than an author, Yngwei said something very powerful. In the simplest of words, when asked about his thoughts on prosperity and success, he stated:

“Less is less. Less is not more. More is more.”

Though not quite Shakespearian prose by any means, it is a strong message, particularly for this moment in time.

Lisa and I do not read the newspaper, nor watch the news. If it is something very important, our neighbors, friends or relatives will undoubtedly fill us in on it. We are aware of this deep recession, we just decided not to participate in it.  Except for this year.

For reasons unknown, we got caught up in the continuing downward economic spiral that is happening. As such, we decided to cut as many expenses as possible. Though we are fine, it seemed like a good idea “just in case.”

“Just in case” is one of those phrases that I would encourage everyone, self included, to eliminate from your vocabulary. “Just in case” really means that you will attract it, you will create it and it will come to visit you shortly. It is a gigantic magnet that draws to it “just in case” energy; that is, fear, scarcity and non-abundant situations.

So we did cut expenses, re-financed our home and eliminated that which was not necessary. Seemed like a good idea. Really good idea. However, the end result was a slowing down of our business, a series of unexpected expenses and a doubling of our work efforts (and time).

Enter Yngwei.

After reading this, Lisa and I just looked at each other and realized how off track we were and immediately adjusted. We took the day off and went to EPCOT and had one of the best times. I bought I shirt I have been wanting for a while and Lisa purchased a new purse. Not surprisingly, when we came home there were a bunch of orders waiting for us. This morning, samples of a new product arrived and I have a most intriguing meeting set up for next week.

Less is less. When you shut down and squeeze off the flow, less comes to you. Less abundance, opportunities and less chances to step it up in life.

Less is not more. Never confuse the two. Sacrifice and suffering are not to desired. In fact, exactly the opposite. We have been given the greatest gift -Life – and are meant to experience all that we can. Sacrificing and suffering lead to unhappiness and resentment and eventually, the latter 2 will surface in some way. Life was meant to be a beautiful experience of happiness and joy. Though there certainly are some great challenges, sadness and disappointment at times, these are the exceptions.

More is more. When we experience life in our way, happiness flows to us like a tsunami. When we give to others, experience newness, purchase something that makes our lives more pleasurable, share time and love each other, more of goodness flows our way. We open an endless channel to abundance.

There is an old Vedic saying that goes, “Out of abundance, I took abundance and still abundance remained.”

Yngwei would like this one.