Referral Program is Here!

How would you like to earn money and help out others in the process?

How would you like to earn money without having to spend a nickel?

DMI: Home of Hgh Plus,  is proud to announce our new Referral Program. This simple, powerful program enables anyone to earn money simply by referring others to our product, having them purchase it at a discount and receive a check at the end of the month.

How to Sign Up

The process for signing up for the DMI Referral Program is very simple.

1. Contact us at

2. You will receive a unique code.

3. Anytime someone orders, be sure to have them insert the code into the order form. The code will allow us to track where the order came from.

In addition. . . .

By inserting the code into the order, the new customer will receive a 10% discount.

You the referer will receive $20!

Best of both worlds.

Contact us at for you Unique Code.