Q & A About Emotions

Q: You place a high level of importance on emotions even more than nutrition. I always thought you were off on this but now I am not sure. Please comment.

A: Let me address this in 2 ways. Firstly, one of the things that can help you in many, many areas of your life is training yourself to think “and” instead of “either/or.” Many of us have trained our minds to think of one or the other. This or that. We even have expressions such as “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Truth be told, you can have your cake and eat it. You can also have your own bakery. And teach others to bake as well. Infinite number of choices become available when you train yourself to think in this fashion. Emotions AND nutrition are both important and very interconnected. Each cell has receptor sites numbering in the billions. Receptors are like a lock. When emotions are experienced, the body produces chemicals that act like a key. Anger produces one type of chemical. Love produces another etc. When cells reproduce, the specific type of receptors sites also reproduce. Thus, imagine what a sister cell would look like after 10 or 20 years of steady anger or abuse. There would be (literally) few if any receptors for nutrition! That is one of the many reasons why I place such a strong emphasis on emotions.

Q: I have been following your newsletters for years. With all of the information you have stated, what is the one thing you would say is the most impactful for the best health?

A: Finding what you love and doing it. I believe that diseases, particularly the major ones will be eliminated or dramatically reduced not by pharmaceuticals, surgeries or even herbs. Diseases will be eliminated or reduced by following one’s passion. Health will be present and there will not be room for disease.

Q: I know what my passion is but I am afraid I cannot make a go of it.

A: When I was in practice in South Florida, approximately 25% of my patients were 75 or older. A number came to me for pain relief from a terminal disease. I had the great fortune of speaking about many issues and WITHOUT exception, the one theme among all was this — “If I had life to do over again, I would have followed my heart and done XYZ.” Please don’t wait until something drastic happens to come to this realization.

Q: But I am 52. What if it takes me 5 years to find my passion? Or more?

A: In 5 years, you will be 57 no matter what. At 57, you can be doing what you are passionate about or wondering what life would be like if you followed your passion.

Q: I struggle so much with issues such as weight. Is there an easy way around this?

A: This week, I went to an aikido seminar with one of the highest ranking martial artists in the world. One student asked him what he can do to make some of the techniques easier and smoother. Takahashi Sensei replied, “Stop talking and train.” Translation — you know what needs to be done. Keep doing it day after day after day. Be patient but be relentless. Act as if your life depends on it. By the way, it does. Go back and re-read the newsletters on weight/fat loss. That information is the most effective method for fat reduction known. Focus on the mental image of how you wish to look. Eat 6 smaller meals per day and follow a steady exercise plan. The “great secret” about being successful at anything is that there is no great secret. It is simply showing up day after day after day until the mission is accomplished.

Take the “Apollo 13” approach to life — failure is not an option.