Isn’t it wonderful when you can fit the words “best” and “simplest” into the same sentence?

If you are wanting a simple, powerful detox method that in my opinion is both the safest and the best, consider this one.

Go to a gym or a place that has a hot sauna. Sit in the sauna for about 3 minutes or so. Then go to a shower and turn the water on as cold as you can tolerate for about 2 minutes. This hot/cold combination is considered one “round.”

Repeat for a total of 3-7 “rounds.”

At the end, drink as much water as you wish and add 1-2 tabs of Cholacol II (click here) to help absorb all of the stirred up toxins the body is wanting to rid itself of.

It is that simple and yet that pronounced. This basic method will allow the body to release built up toxins, chemicals and/or poisons in a safe, non-forced manner. In addition, it is said to “exercise” the blood vessels; that is, it helps improve the integrity of the vessels themselves.

For the grand finale, you will be hard pressed to find something more relaxing and soothing. Take a nap. Have a lemonade or simply do what ever the moment suggests.


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  1. Thanks Dr David for giving a nice -a short and shortest explanation of Detox-best and simplest..I m impressed…Thank u very much for joining me here…Sharma..

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