This entry will l focus on knee pain and what can be done to reduce, eliminate and prevent such problems.

Knees, as well as hips and ankles are considered part of the “responsibility” of the kidney energy; that is, when the kidneys are weakened, the joints in the lower portion of the body will suffer (as well as memory, hair, spine and libido). What causes weakening of the kidneys?

Overwork, poor diet, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse. How many other problems can we say this for?! Treatments. Pain in the knees?

Consider drinking away the pain. There is a compound found in citrus fruits that can lower or eliminate arthritis pain. Researchers in the UK discovered that people with the highest intake of a substance called Beta-cryptoxanthin were 50% as likely to develop inflammatory responses or precursors to arthritis (particularly rheumatoid arthritis) as those with lower levels. Drinking one glass of fresh orange juice supplies enough Beta-cryptoxanthin to reduce your risks.

If you experience joint pain or know someone who does, this news is for you. Two large trials (called GAIT and GUIDE) validate the use of popular dietary supplements for treating joint pain. GUIDE researchers found glucosamine was significantly more effective than placebo in easing joint pain, while acetaminophen was no better than placebo. Glucosamine was also well tolerated by the study participants. The GAIT study also resulted in positive outcomes, revealing that a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin was more effective than placebo for people with severe joint pain due to osteoarthritis (OA).

Finally, there is a little known herb that may be the most effective treatment. It is called Herba Epimedii. (Those taking our Hgh Plus will recognize this herb as it is in our formula.) It is one of the premiere herbs for strengthening the kidney energy and longevity in general. It is also known to be a powerful tonic for the joints, particularly those of the lower body.

On a personal note, I constantly hear how running is back for the knees. Allow me to state as clearly as can be. RUNNING DOES NOT INJURE THE KNEES. In fact, a 20 year study showed very clearing that such is not the case; in fact, runners were more likely to have stronger knees and skeletal strength in general, than those who did not.

3 caveats. If you are running and striking the heel first, you will have problems. Known as “heel striking,” this can contribute to major issues structurally speaking.

The second one is recovery. If your recovery consists of espresso and jelly beans (in other words, “junk” foods), yes, you will have problem, not because of the running but rather the poor recovery. This issue will be addressed in a future blog.

Finally, related to this issue of recovery is the notion of clearing inflammation. Your recovery must include among other things, black cherry juice or pharmaceutical grade fish oil or something to clear inflammation. This is essential not only for runners but for everyone.

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  1. You say “Your recovery must include among other things, black cherry juice or pharmaceutical grade fish oil” .. can you suggest a brand name for both and where to purchase (ie: Whole Foods?)
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