Gall Bladder: Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

“I’m not sure. . . .”

Ever have a conversation that sounds like the above? Cannot make up your mind? It is not the mind that needs support. It is most likely your gallbladder.

The organ responsible for decision-making is the gall bladder (GB) and this is the area of focus in this Doc Wellness Blog. The gall bladder is a muscular sac attached to the liver that secretes bile and stores it until needed for digestion, per standard medicine. Natural medicine views this organ is a much broader sense. The GB is viewed as:

1. The organ that stores and secretes bile and is directly linked with the liver. If the liver is congested, the bile will become “muddy” and impure. “Sand” or GB stones can appear which can lead to serious complications.

2. The GB controls the sinews. It provides energy to the sinews to ensure their proper movement and agility. A number of my patients with joint problems were successfully treated by focusing on the GB.

3. The GB has an influence on the quality and length of sleep and if it is weak, a person will wake early in the morning and be unable to fall asleep again. According to some ancient texts, when the GB is deficient, “one dreams of flights and trials, causing a disturbance of the pattern of sleep and leaving one un-rested.”

4. Finally, as previewed above, the GB controls judgment and decision-making. Specifically, the GB “controls the capacity to make decisions.” It is also stated that the GB gives an individual courage and initiative.

When the GB is weak there are a number of foods and natural substances that can be used to strengthen and rebalance. They are as follows: – Pears are considered the ideal food specific for the Gall Bladder. They are cooling in nature and eliminate inflammation and obstruction in this organ. – Parsley. It is warming in nature, improves digestion, perhaps the best food for detoxification and high in pro-vitamin A, calcium and Chlorophyll.

Everyone with the exception of nursing mothers (it dries up milk) can benefit by including this in their daily diet. – Apples and Barley. These 2 would be considered “second tier” GB support but can can be quite helpful if added to the major sources of treatment.

Finally, in terms of herbal support, the herb Coptis ranks at the top. Allow me to forewarn. It should be taken in capsule form in lower doses as it is the worse tasting substance Nature has ever created.

The Chinese have a saying — “May your life never be as bad as Coptis.” Having stated that side, it is also a very powerful, anti-inflammatory Gall Bladder strengthening herb.

Have a couple of pears and a little coptis and watch your decision-making abilities flourish!


2 thoughts on “Gall Bladder: Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

  1. if someone has had their gall bladder removed could this be a reason why they are having trouble sleeping?

    1. Insomnia has a multitude of physiology and psychology reasons. In natural medicine, there is a concept called the “Shen” which translates as the spirit. When the Shen is disturbed, this restlessness will translate to the physical. Having a gall bladder removed by itself, would most likely not be one of the reasons. Now if this person is consuming high amounts of fatty foods, particularly late at night, that would be a reason.

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