Ideal Way to Train

I remember being a 13 year old kid, training at the local YMCA in Hazleton, PA and seeing an “older” man (probably only 50, which is rather humorous now) who was as strong as an oxen. He would stack plate after plate and be able to hoist the weight over his head, time and again. To this day, he was one of the strongest, healthiest and fittest people I have ever come across.

One day, I asked him what the “secrets” of strength were; that is, how do I get as strong as he is. His answer was straightforward and simple, “Get something heavy. Put it on the ground. Lift it over your head. Do this a couple of times and then go home.”

Being 13 and of course knowing everything at that time, I sort of scratched my head and chuckled at how little this guy actually knew. Never mind he was the strongest man in the gym. . . and the town. . and one of the strongest I ever saw.

Some 3 decades later, knowing a lot less now, I realize that this gentleman was 100% correct. After going through mountains of research and countless hours of personal testing, along with working with patients, the strength formula is simple. 3/5 is the answer

Do 3-5 sets of 3.5 repetitions, with 3.5 minutes of rest in between. Do this 3.5 days per week. Each workout should be no more than 45 minutes. 20-30 is great.  There are also 2 notables: Don’t repeat a workout twice in a row (in others words, variety is the key word) and make sure the weight is heavy. You need not start this way but build over time to heavy weights.

And one more, take a week or 2 off, every 3 months or so to let the body rest.

I could write a book as to the reasons and physiology behind this. In fact, many have been. The “Cliff Notes” version is this – light weights and high repetitions cause glucose to enter the muscle. Where glucose is, water will follow. As such, if you use light weights and high reps, you will get a bloated look and minimal benefits.

Using machines to train is also not a good idea. Isolating muscles create imbalances and where imbalance exist, injury is sure to follow. Use barbells and dumbells (couldn’t they come up with a better name that this?).

Weight training is NOT designed to improve aerobic capacity. It is designed to improve strength and the integrity of the muscles and ligaments. Note the use of the word ligaments. When you train in the fashion above, strength dramatically improves because you are involving the ligaments as well.

One last key. When you finish, you will be tired. In a couple of hours however, you will feel extremely invigorated due to among many reasons, HGH release being the most prominent. The benefits of HGH are tremendous. Click here for more information.

Happy training! Now you can do it the most effective way known.

Minimum time. Maximum effect. That is a formula worth repeating.