April Newsletter: Spring Cleaning. . . Year ‘Round

Spring Cleaning . . . All Year ‘Round

Spring is here. . .Finally! It is a time for renewal and for growth. As such, our bodies should mirror the cycle of nature.

You have heard the term “spring cleaning” and as you know, it is often a lot of work. One of the ways to reduce such a burden is to do a little on a regular basis. This principle holds true for health as well.

Here are a number of ways to reduce the burden on the body:

* Soak all non-organic fruits and vegetables in water and salt prior to eating. Discard the water, rinse and enjoy.

* Peeling fruits and vegetables will eliminate about 50% of the nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, lead and mercury.

* If you cook vegetables, cook them whole. Then slice or chop once cooked.

* Take off the outer leaves of cabbages, lettuces and other leafy substances. If the leaf is cut or broken, discard.

* Choose fruit and vegetables that are fully ripe. They contain fewer nitrates than those picked prior to this time.

* Fruits and vegetables that are soured, pickled or marinated are virtually void of nitrates. This is one of the major ways to go.

* Eat as little non-organic meat as possible. If this cannot be avoided, be sure to eat with fresh green vegetables, as the Vitamin C will help offset the chemicals.

* Be aware of the kinds of fish you consume. Tuna and swordfish are unfortunately, very high in lead and mercury. If you have or do consume these, a combination of cilantro and parsley will help remove these from the body.

Doing the aforementioned on a regular basis will keep your body strong and healthy, along with exercise and a great nutritional supplement program.

A little effort. . . A lot of reward.

Until next month!

Dream Big!!

Dr. David Orman


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