When Does Life Begin?

When does life begin? You may have heard this question asked or debated, but probably not in this context.

I do not mean the conception of life but rather the living of life. When do we finally get out there and begin to live our lives to the fullest, to utilize our God given talents, abilities and skills – to sing our song, write our words or perform our events so the world, at least our corner of the world, becomes that much better?

For some, the question is never asked and thus never answered. They go through life safely, looking for the road most traveled. They look for the benefits package and the 2 weeks off every year instead of taking a chance. It reminds me of the leaf that falls into the steam. Once a part of the great maple tree, now it is simply at the mercy of the direction of the water.

For others, the question of “When does life being?” has a very clear answer. It is this:

Life begins when we take our first step outside the comfort zone and begin living from the unknown.

It can be a scary place. It does not have a retirement package, tenure or any guarantees. It does not come with a how-to manual or a road map to follow. There are pitfalls and failures to contend with.  And yes, it can be a lonely road. However, unlike the illusion of “security,” this path is real.

For the courageous traveler on this path, it is also filled with unimaginable gifts and rewards impossible to put into words. Our time becomes our own, not the property of someone else. We are open to create our own business, our own “world” and bring others along for the ride. Our spirits become like the mighty eagle, dancing on the air of freedom. We experience life, the way we imagined it to be, before the dark clouds of practicality, rationality and realistic distorted our thoughts.

General Douglas MacArthur said it best: There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity.

So when does your life begin?!