Running Builds Brain Cells

Scientists reporting in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have concluded that running has a positive impact of the part of the brain called the hippocampus, the portion responsible for learning and memory.

Until recently, neuroscientists were under the impression that we do not grow new brain cells after birth. However recent experiments have repeatedly shown that running boosts the number of new brain cells in the hippocampus region.

This evidence confirms other studies that have begun to show that exercise triggers significant physiological and structural changes in the brain and this can improve cognitive function and help prevent mental decline.

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Dr. David Orman, Hgh Plus developer completing his 6th marathon.


4 thoughts on “Running Builds Brain Cells

  1. I wonder if there have been any similar studies about walking – for those who maybe need to walk before they run.

  2. Dr. Orman,

    Thanks for your reply above!

    I’ve felt some sporadic discomfort when doing my daily Energization exercises (which include a spurt of running) twice per day on our cement porch floor.

    I did read your comment about knees, that they shouldn’t be adversely affected by running- providing, I believe, one uses proper form, good shoes, etc., and have begun using running shoes while doing these – it has helped, thank you!

    Because I once tore my right meniscus, am a little nervous about pushing the running right now, especially with my weight being what it is.

    In reference to what you just wrote about ‘not confusing movement with exercise, I wonder what you would think about maybe ‘running’ in place on a rebounder? ??

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