House Diagnosis: New, Creative & Innovative Way to “ID and Cure”


This ancient principle has been proven powerful throughout history. What it means is simple: What happens in your outside world is happening in your inside world and vice-versa.

Part of your outside world is your home. Home sweet home. Well, home sweet home, to the trained eye will provide clear, insightful clues as to what is happening in both your inner and outer worlds.

Enter House Diagnosis!

Send me a picture or very short video clip of your home in its typical state (in other words, do not do anything special) and I will provide a detailed description involving:

  • Your overall health patterns
  • Financial patterns
  • Relationships
  • Personal insights

This is NOT any type of psychic reading or anything of this nature. I have no idea what the winning lottery numbers will be or if your late Uncle Louie is fine or not. This is based on both modern methods of quantum physics and  ancient principles of Oriental medicine and Asian culture which I have learned and mastered over the years.

Let me give some simple examples:

  • People who have yellow or its variations as the dominant color often have weight problems. They also have a tendency to have overcrowded rooms and will not easily get rid of objects.
  • Houses that are cluttered are a reflection of liver congestion, a situation often associated with visual problems, depression, frustration or inability to “see clearly what is happening.”
  • One house had 3 fireplaces. It was not surprising that the owner had issues related to the heart as well as relationship problems.

If you have never experienced a House Diagnosis, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. We are now accepting 4 more people for a FREE House Diagnosis. Send your email to with the words “House Diagnosis” in the Subject line. Drawings will be held next week and winners will be announced April 1st!

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  1. Great idea and I think this could change peoples lives dramatically. I’m sure they will get insights into their world that will surprise them!

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