The Knees

Today’s Doc Wellness piece will focus on the Knees. The knee is a complex, compound, condyloid variety of a synovial joint. It actually comprises two separate joints. The femoro-patellar joint consists of the patella, or “kneecap”, and the patellar groove on the front of the femur through which it slides. It is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body and one that is second only to the back in terms of patient complaints/concerns.

In Natural Medicine, the knees are considered an “extension” or associated with the Kidney energy. When the kidney energy is weak due to overwork, poor dietary habits, lack of exercise etc., the order of problems is typically down to up; that is, problems start in the ankles and progress to knees, low back, neck, teeth, brain and hair. All of these are considered “extensions” of the kidney energy. So what can be done about this as both treatment or prevention?

Firstly, there is the obvious — improve diet and begin exercise, expecially running.  Yes running. It is a myth that “running ruins the knees” as evidenced by the medical research. (If your form is poor, your shoes are poor or your recovery is poor, then we have the answer.)

Secondly, there are a number of substances that are used for both treatment and prevention. The difference between the 2 is dosage. Treatment usually requires much higher doses. The 3 major effective substances are: – Shou Wu Chih (pronounced “SH-oow, Woo – Chirrr). This is an inexpensive but potent formula. It comes in a dark liquid and is perhaps the premiere substance to tonify (strengthen) the kidney energy and the knees in particular – Pharmaceutical-grade Fish Oil. This is a substance I have been recommending frequently for about 15 years now.

Recently, even mainstream medicine is recognizing the anti-inflammatory benefits of this.

NOTE: Be SURE it is Pharmaceutical-grade. If it is not, more problems than benefits can occur. – Eucommiae. This is one of the most outstanding herbs for the kidney energy and the joints in particular. It comes in either liquid or caps and is used to strengthen and protect the joints as well as various “side benefits” such as improve memory, strengthen hair and enhance libido. You may recognize this herb in our formula, Hgh Plus.

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