Welcome from Doc Wellness

Welcome to the world of Dr. David Orman, “Doc Wellness.”

“Doc Wellness” is the side of my personality that is the healer, the one who has been involved in the world of Natural Medicine for over 20 year. The same one who has treated literally, thousands of patients over the years, had an extremely popular radio show for 6 years, lectured to Congress and taught in colleges and universities.  This is the part that loves to help people not only relieve physical ailments but to assist them to live the life of their dream.

Here I will post information from the ever expanding world of natural medicine. Be it supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals,  new therapies or ones you may not have heard of, I will cover these in detail. In addition, I will have a weekly podcast which I will post along with regular Video clips of various topics in the world of Natural Medicine including anti aging (HGH), diet, sports improvement, memory enhancement, strength training and a host of topics that are both exciting and allow you to maximize your skills, talents and abilities.

I want to inspire you to become more than what you currently are. I want to inspire you to become what you can be. Or greater. That is why I created this site – for you to become healthier, feel younger, stronger, energized so that you can live the life you always thought you could.

Come back regularly to hear, see and read about Natural Medicine and the world of Doc Wellness.